Become A Brotzeit® Franchisee

The Essence Of The Brand

Brotzeit® is a modern German Bier Bar & Restaurant brand
that stands for an authentic German dining experience with
a modern, urban yet cosy setting.

At Brotzeit®, our diners can expect authentic German dishes
carefully crafted from only the finest ingredients, acclaimed
German beers served up to perfection, in an environment
that exudes what we Germans refer to as ‘Gemütlichkeit’. It’s
that warm, friendly and fuzzy vibe that you get when a place
feels just right.

The brand is confident and functional.
Brotzeit® outlets feature a mix of relaxed outdoor dining and
warm interiors. Think oak tables and leather benches
combined with straight lines and smooth surfaces.

Yet another interior feature that all outlets have in common is
a signature mural, playfully illustrating the history and
development of German beer culture.

Gemütlich Zusammen

Dining at Brotzeit® should be an experience we like to
describe as ‘gemütlich’; one that is intimate and deeply
grounded, a strong feeling of being amongst friends.

Our teams are focused and motivated to delivery just that,
every single time.

Why Brotzeit

A good restaurant franchise is so
much more than ’just’ the brand it
carries; it’s the systems and
processes that have been put in
place and the people behind them
driving them that count.

It is the creativity and market
knowledge applied to its interior
design and operational setup, as
well as the level of support one
will experience when opening
a first outlet.

And finally, the ongoing support
one will receive to achieve
sustained business success

Strong Brand. Indisputable IP.
Organically built since 2006, the Brotzeit®
brand is strong, well known and established
and legally indisputable across the region
and beyond.

Unique Interior Design.
that blends traditional and modern
elements just right to attract a maximum
amount of diners.

Project Development.
When you’re done. We’re done.
A dedicated team of professionals with
decades of F&B retail experience is at your
side and won’t leave it, ever.

Support, Training, Quality Assurance
At Brotzeit® we are family. We’re in
constant touch with our regional Franchise
partners, be it digitally or through frequent
face to face visits to share know-how,
provide tips and tricks, and support their
effort to stay consistent with our brand.

Unique Selling Points

Unique Concept

The only contemporary, franchised German casual dining concept in the world

Affordable Upfront Fees

Strong focus on long-term sustainability and profitability for franchisee

Ease Of Set Up

Plug-and-Play systems and a complete set of operating manuals ease your star-up process with us.

Extensive Guidance

A dedicated highly experienced team stands at your disposal to guide and support you in reaching your goals.

Quick Return On Investment

Top of industry sales volume and excellent levels of profitability

Proprietary Items

Brotzeit has developed various products, Intellectual Properties and equipment that are proprietary and specifically design for Brotzeit systems. These include but are not limited to:

  • Powerful Point-of-Sales + Loyalty program bundle
  • Proprietary recipes
  • Internationally protected trademark
  • Strategic Supply Appliances

Proprietary items

Over the years Brotzeit® has developed and registered countless trademarks, word marks, design marks, systems and solutions that are inherent to our brand.
Powerful Point-of-Sales System
Proprietary Recipes & Spice Blends
Beer Sommelier Training Program
Established brand. Indisputable IP.
Strategic Supplier Alliances


Next to the individualized support by our dedicated franchise team, Brotzeit® partners are furnished with a comprehensive set of ‘manuals’ that cover every aspect of setting up and operating a Brotzeit® franchise.


Over the years, the Brotzeit® franchise support team has developed a good number of ‘bullet proof’ support systems and processes to facilitate our partners’ business success.

Restaurant openings

360º support to assure each of your restaurant openings will turn out a success.


Our international franchise operations team stands at the ready to support and assist with operational challenges including but not limited to:

Local Area Marketing

Supply Chain

About Becoming a Brotzeit Franchisee

We are ever interested in expanding the Brotzeit® family by finding strong, new franchise partners with the ability and the necessary resources to develop a new territory for our brand.

Our focused lies on organic and sustainable business growth by working in partnership with strategic area developers able to commit to a minimum of 3 restaurant units.

Single-Unit franchise deals are also available upon request.

Qualifying Criteria

Next to strong business acumen, a strong capital base to support both, the development of an agreed number of restaurants as well as the ongoing day-to-day operations of your Brotzeit® restaurants is crucial.

Besides a strong capital base to support daily operations and agreed expansion efforts, you will need to dispose of strong, local market know-how, and a strong business support network.

To succeed in the market of your choosing, you will further need to have a good understanding of consumer preferences a as well as the necessary business experience to overcome challenges related to licensing/gov, labour law and procurement matters.

We consider all our Franchisees as our friends!

A good cultural fit with our brand and our management team is important to us.


Possess knowledge in utilising systems and processes within a Hospitality, food service and/or restaurant environment.

Have an infrastructure and resource dedicated to supporting the development of our brands and opening schedules.

Have local knowledge, relationships and expertise in the areas of consumer preferences, real estate, government regulations, labour, and distribution issues.

Able to access to adequate capital, such that cash flow are sustainable for 2-3 year period while continuing to develop additional units.

Cultural fit and a passion for building a successful German Contemporary Bier Bar & Restaurant.

Steps To Joining
The Brotzeit Franchise Family


Expression of Interest


Business Analysis & Planning


Signing of LOI


Strategic Action Plan


Join the team

International Approval Process

A guided step-by-step process designed for you to make an informed decision of choosing us as your business partners for the next many years to come.


Submit ‘Request for Consideration’ via our website or by email

Due Diligence & Qualification Assessment

Completed ‘Franchise Application Form’
Completed ‘Market Survey Questionnaire
Business Plan
Background Check

Joint Market-Visit

Analysis of target market
Visit of potential opening sites

Sign-Off, Letter of Intent (LOI)

This formalizes your intention to take up a Brotzeit® franchise and goes along with a nonrefundable down-payment made to our name.

Visit Brotzeit HQ

Come meet the team dedicated to support your future business.

Sign-Off, Final Agreements

Depending on the deal we will mutually agree upon, we will sign and Area Development Agreement (ADA) and/or a Single Franchise Unit Agreement (SUFA)

Awards And Recognition

In November 2012, Brotzeit was awarded the Singapore Franchisor of the Year 2012 by the Franchising & Licensing Association (FLA) of Singapore. This award recognizes and rewards the most thriving franchise business in Singapore. It acknowledges the winner for establishing its franchise business system as the best in Singapore.

Brotzeit has also been granted multiple awards for our operating and culinary excellence:

  • Singapore SME 1000 Company, 2015
  • Best Western Restaurant 2015 by Asiaone People’s Choice, 2015
  • Singapore’s Top Restaurant by WINE&DINE, 2013
  • Singapore’s Top Restaurant by Simply Dining 2011, 2010, 2009
  • Epicure’s Top 10, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Brotzeit® is a modern German Bier Bar & Restaurant brand that stands for an authentic German dining experience with a modern, urban yet cosy setting.
Depending on the market you’re opening in, a typical 250m2 (ca. 2,700 ft2) restaurant unit comes with a CAPEX investment of some US$600,000 – US$750,000, or US$3,000 per m2.
Brotzeit® requires a minimum of 250m2 or approximately 2,700ft2 for a dine-in restaurant unit. This requirement does not include any outdoor ‘Biergarten’ space. Other criteria such as ceiling height, must also be met.

Yes, however, you would have to provide us with a resume, a personal financial statement and other supporting documents for each partner or group member.

No, Brotzeit does not provide financing.

We encourage you and will support you in building a successful online sales channel.

If you possess significant Casual Dining Restaurant management experience, you may wish to act as the Principal Operator. If you do not, an experience Principal Operator must be hired to run your restaurants.

The initial term is usually 10 years, with an option to renew for one additional 10 years term, provided that certain criteria are met and agreed.

No, you may select and introduce your preferred location to us. After all, you should know your market best. However, any Brotzeit® location must find the approval of Brotzeit®’s Franchise Director to protect our brand and other partners.

Before opening your first Brotzeit® franchise unit, the designated ‘Principle Operator’ (either yourself or a hired proxy) and Executive Chef of your business must travel to Brotzeit® Singapore HQ to go through a minimum of six (6) weeks of training.

Trainings are provided at no additional cost. However, you’re expected to cover related outof-pocket, travel and lodging expenses.

In order to control the quality of our products, Brotzeit has a streamlined core menu. However, we will work with you to adapt some other items that may appeal to your local customer base.

The head of our international business unit supported by a multi-department team of experienced operations, hr, marketing, finance and culinary professionals will provide you with a 360º support network.

Their sole focus is to support you in growing a sustainable, and economically successful business in our mutual interest.

We are always looking for potential franchise partners who share the same passion and vision to grow and expand Brotzeit with us. 

Contact us and be part of our journey in further building this successful German Bier Bar & Restaurant concept.